Let’s save the world!

So you love helping people, you get a kick out of teaching folks about their finances, and your business thrives on making the world a better place one person or one family at a time? Me too!

Do you sometimes get frustrated or a bit overwhelmed, but remain bound and determined to make your business flourish? Then you are my cup of tea.

Let’s tackle those frustrations, reach your goals, and make the world a better place!

I get a kick out of helping people get over being overwhelmed and take on their frustrations so their business soar.

Hanging out with financial planners and solopreneurs has revealed my inner dork. Well, revealed it even more than usual. I’ve spent the past 10+ years being the audience to countless financial planner jokes and war stories. (“Did you hear the one about the widow with an annuity who walked into a bar…?”)

It has been a joyous journey seeing how my clients and colleagues are able to help their clients prosper while learning to create a sustainable business model. My clients are making a difference and being a small part of that difference puts a smile on my face every morning as I head to work.

Part groupie, part coach!

There was a time when a colleague bet I wouldn’t make it two years without jumping in and becoming a financial planner. That was years ago and I am no closer to BEing an advisor than I was then, but my love of HELPing them has only grown.

I am part groupie, part coach.

When you work with me you’ll be nudged and nurtured. You will get pushed to the edge of your comfort zone, though you can rest assured I have your back. I am totally jazzed by those annuity jokes and marketing war stories. I get a kick out of watching advisors learn to communicate more effectively and demonstrate their value so that more clients get to benefit from their services.

Don’t give up, we’ll get there!

Solopreneurs all have their hopes, fears, and hang ups. Together we’ll face those fears, realize your hopes, and overcome those hang ups. I thrive on training, role playing various client interactions, and helping you develop measurable goals for the business plans you have made.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t get a kick out of occasionally calling BS when a client tries to weasel out of being held accountable. I’m sure that would never happen to you! You’ll be doing your homework and kicking your goals’ butts! But if by chance you do need a little butt-kicking or BS calling, then I am right here to get you back on track.

How the heck did I end up here?

Disclaimer! Ahead lies the old school “about me” jazz that you’ve been dying to know!

I have a Fitbit fixation and a treadmill desk, but I am definitely not a fitness guru. Did you know you can eat potato chips on a treadmill desk? I love to bike – I even ride a tandem and keep my marriage intact, a rare skill. I love to ski – so you really must let me know if you are ever in Colorado!

I love my family – one husband, three kids and two mostly lovable cats hanging out in Colorado. After starting out in Michigan and Georgia we headed to the mountains to raise our kids.

We need to talk!

My clients tell me that to work with me is a unique, fulfilling, and sometimes quite silly experience. As much as I try to express my personal style when I am writing, you’ll get a better idea of what working with me is like if we have a nice chat.

I would be thrilled to take some time on the phone (or Skype or Google Hangouts or whatever fun technology we should be using now). Let’s get to know one another and see how you could best benefit from the ridiculous ride that is being my client.

Shoot me an email & I'll get in touch with you right-quick to set up a free consultation. 

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