Coaching often starts from a pain point, but it can also give you time to celebrate the victories. Make sure you make time for the positive in your business.


So often folks come to me with an issue, a problem they need to solve. They reach out to me to redefine their ideal client or improve their closing ratio, something that’s a problem that’s keeping them up at night. I get that. I completely understand that pain is what finally draws you to send me an email or pick up the phone or schedule an appointment. I bet it’s that way with your clients too, isn’t it? But what about the positive side of coaching? What about the successes? I love being the cheering section, and the person who jumps and down and squeals like an 8th-grade girl when you sign a new client or have a success. So often we are so busy working on the next success that when we reach it, achieve it, we just dig right in and start working on the next one.

Recently, I had an appointment with my coach, yes I have a coach too, and I was in a really cranky mood. No particular real reason, just stuck in the trenches and grumpy. But instead of asking me what the problem was and working on the problem, she made me sit back and take some time to celebrate successes. She forced me to lost everything good that happened since the previous appointment. And then we looked at this trajectory of success. She did exactly what I do for others that I don’t let myself do. She made that space to see the long view, to see we are getting somewhere, and that it’s been a great ride and it’s going to keep on being a great ride. You need that too.

I want you to promise me that you will make space to look back at your successes before you hunker down and start digging in on that next challenge. As always if you need some help with that view, you know where I am, so call me. But regardless of whether you call me, make the space.