Confession time...again. I attended two conferences and a full-day meeting last week. It was not my wisest choice. And to compound my error, I entered the week with mediocre preparation.  The theme of this video is clearly “do as I say, not as I did” but I have two more conferences to go to this year and I'm hoping that I'll listen to myself and maybe watch this video and learn.

Here my tips! I feel a long-version blog coming on so keep your eye out. But first, make a plan.

and I don't mean just a casual “Hey I hope to see so and so there.” Actually contact them. Actually set a time. None of this “we’ll grab a quiet corner while we're there” because it won’t happen. If you make a schedule, even if things go off the rails because of a late flight or a stomach virus, you have already got yourself at the top of that priority list because you were already a real appointment.  

Don’t plan to do other work. Just don’t. Focus. Be in the moment and be ready to make the most of those spontaneous meetings and conversations that happen in the hallway. That's where a lot of the value can really be added to these conferences that you paid good money to attend.

Make notes on every single flyer and business card that you get.  Take time to review those notes either over a cup of coffee in the morning or in the evening when you get back to your room if you don't stay out too late. But make sure you can understand what you wrote. And the quicker you get those into Evernote or CRM the better.

I’m at my time limit, but let's all pinky swear that we're going to do our very best to be prepared for the conferences that we attend. Let’s you and I schedule a time to talk! I can't wait to see you.