Take time to savor the quiet time after the holidays. Have a wonderful time with family and friends before we take off and start taking 2017 by storm.


As we head in the last few weeks of the year, I implore you to enjoy this time with your family, with your friends. Part of it's going to be crazy and hectic, but part of it's going to be quiet and a time to relax and recharge before the beginning of the year.

I love that time between Christmas and New Year's. Take that time, maybe read a good book. I love Start With Why. You know I always push that one. Maybe Essentialism, another great book about really finding out the core things that make you you, that you want to focus on. If you're an introvert, I love the book Quiet.  I read it as sort of an experiment in what these other people are like, but you know if you want to investigate how to survive in the world as an introvert. It’s a fantastic book.

Take some time to drink eggnog or maybe mulled wine and think about your crazy dream, your big hairy audacious goal. You forget about it, we get in the day to day and I want you to dream that dream so that then in 2017 you make some space to make it start to happen.. Maybe go ahead and plan a retreat; a few days away from the grind of the office, off site, to work on these things after the new year, before things have gotten revved up, but the kids are maybe back in school. and it's quiet. but the first thing you do is enjoy this time, guilt-free, take the time away savor your family and friends, and then we will have a happy, happy new year.