Does your firm have an ethics statement? Make the most of it and create an ethics statement that supports your business, your team, and your clients.


Is your firm’s ethics statement on a shelf getting a bit dusty? Worse yet, is it wafting about in your head, still not committed to paper or even Microsoft Word?

Take a minute, dust it off, commit it to paper, and share it with your staff and your clients so that it really puts out a message of who you and what you stand for.

Most of us like to think we’re ethical folks, but this goes beyond the “I won’t embezzle” level of ethics to the real core of what you want your business to stand for. Yeah, we all have dull portions, confidentiality, disclosure agreements, but I want you to take that one step further. At Kimberlite, we have a line in our ethics statement that reads: We create a safe environment for our clients to share, free of judgment, trusting in confidentiality and secure in the knowledge that we are on your side.

I want my clients to know it goes beyond simple confidentiality with me. To the true essence that I’m on your side and part of your team. So take a minute, take a look at your ethics statement, get it written, and make sure that it really says what you stand for.