Let's get you moving one step at a time so that you can get clients. Today we discuss basics of networking and how you can quit making excuses and get out there. 


But i’m not ready to...fill in the blank. Network? Prospect? Talk to a prospective client? HAVE a client? That’s ok. We want to get you ready to do something. To move forward let’s start with networking.

Now I could talk all day about networking and finding where you fit in and what’s the right match for you, but first, let’s get you ready.

What do you need to network?

1.  Business cards: Yep, I’ve had people use those as an excuse to not network, so get them. Moo, Vistaprint, you can print your own if you promise me you won’t use the perforated kind. But get them. They’re simple, they’re cheap. Go get them.

2.  An elevator pitch, tagline, 3030-secondntro, whatever you want to call it, you need one. But you know what really helps practice an elevator pitch? Saying it to people. So go to networking events, practice, listen to others, make notes on what sounds better than yours, what sounds worse. You’ll be able to gauge the effect of tweaks you make, it’s fantastic. And for the love of God do NOT tell me you are passionate about something. Go buy a thesaurus.

3.  Be yourself. Be. Your. Self. It’s simple. These people are your future colleagues, business associates, and friends. You want to start as you mean to finish. So be yourself.


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