You're ready! That first meeting can be terrifying, so watch for some tips on how to handle those first appointments with your prospective clients.


I’m not ready to talk to a prospect! Well good news, you don’t really talk to a prospect, you listen to a prospect. Remember the 80-20 rule. 80% is listening, 20% is talking. So for a one-hour appointment with a new prospect, you’re only going to talk for 12 minutes. The rest of the time you’re listening. You’re listening for pain points, for history, any clues you can get to tell you how you can help that client and how you can satisfy their issues. You’ll also want to listen for IF you want to help. Because sometimes you’ll meet with prospects you don’t really want to work with and that’s ok. But you need to learn to listen for that as well.

When my kids were looking for college, i took each of them on a throwaway visit. A visit to a college i knew they really didn’t care about. That way they could see what it was like, they could learn the questions to ask, what to watch for, the type of things they wanted to learn on a visit. You can do a bit of that with your own prospects. Eventually we're gonna talk about how to screen prospects and really be talking with people you want to work with. But in the beginning while, you can practice on your kids or the dog, it’s really great to practice on humans, not that your kids aren't human but you know what I mean. So go ahead and talk to any prospects you can. You’ll get better at those prospective appointments. Then we’ll move on to the part where you screen out the folks who you don’t really want to work with.

For now, get moving, get those prospects and remember your 80-20 rule.

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