You've made it past the first batch of clients and your business is taking off. Now is the time to refine your client description to ensure you sign only the very best clients for you.


Don’t you want the thought of meeting with every client to bring a smile to your face?  I know I do. We don't address this much at launch time beyond me encouraging you to find a niche that is somehow more specific than individuals and families. Once you have a solid cadre of clients, I encourage you to take some time, celebrate how far you have come, and then take some steps to make sure you sign only the very the very best clients.

Moving forward, take some time to review your clients. Who do you love to work with? Who are you maybe pondering firing? Or if they didn’t renew you wouldn’t shed a tear? We’re moving beyond revenue generated to personality traits and details. This is a good time to get a facilitator to help you through this process (spoiler alert, that's me!). Tease out as many characteristics as you can about your clients. It can be personality, how funny they are, do they buy into your financial planning philosophy, do they do their homework and show up on time to meetings. It can be whatever traits make a difference to you as you're working with them.

Then, use all this information to create a rubric that you can then use during your initial screening process, when you're chatting with folks on the phone or perhaps even exchanging an initial email. And you decide who really gets that face-to-face time with you and who gets the opportunity to work with you based on your absolute ideal.

And congratulations on getting to a point where this is your next problem to tackle.