Showing your value throughout the year helps you keep clients coming back for more!


Throughout the year, you want to make sure you are showing your clients your value. Every meeting, you need to remind them of how far they’ve come, what you’ve helped them do, and what’s coming next. But you can’t do this if you haven’t made a plan. Create a communication or client touchpoint calendar for your year. You want to include a variety of different types of touch points: in-person meetings or email, newsletter, even client events. Set the number of touches you want each client to have during the year. And that can even vary depending on the level and type of client it is if you prefer. Make sure you sue your CRM to help you collect pertinent data so that your outreach, your touches, can really have a personal tone, something beyond the general birthday, happy thanksgiving, kind of touch point.

You’ll also want to create an engagement calendar that you show your clients. This will include all the things you’re going to be covering over the course of their relationship with you. Some of these things you may touch on every single year, others you may just touch on every few years. But you want to paint that picture so that they see everything’s going to be covered and you're in it with them for the duration and you’re not going anywhere.

In your client meetings, do as much work as you can in front of the client. This is going to really help them create those solid memories of what you’re doing for them. That’s going to work in conjunction with the written records you have and the things you do to remind them of how much work you’ve ll done together. Reiterate what you’ve done together and make sure you let them know what’s coming next.

Whether it’s next month or next year whatever makes sense for that particular client engagement, you want to make sure they know you’ve already got your eye on what needs to be done next and that you're watching out for them. So keep showing that value all year long and your renewals will be a breeze and you’ll keep those clients you really love.