Do you have a Study Group? A small group to hold you accountable, share ideas, and gain perspective is a great tool for your business. If you don't have one now is the time to start!

Study groups are a key ingredient for your success. They provide a place for feedback and accountability, for truth and honesty, not to mention cross-pollination of all the different members' skills. I rarely have trouble convincing my clients that there's a value in having a study group. What I do struggle with is convincing my clients that they add value to a study group. It’s the old imposter syndrome rearing its ugly head again. So don't discount your value and what unique information, knowledge, and worldview you can bring to your study group.

I work with a client who, after overcoming much reticence, assembled her own study group. Now, I happen to know all the women that are in the study group, and I can assure you they are a kick-butt bunch of financial advisors. But, each and every one that she contacted was hesitant at first, because they discounted their own value. They thought they didn't have anything to add. Now these women are not identical, they each bring a unique set to the group and that's what makes their group so dynamic. They each take their turn, as will you and your study group.  You’ll have a time when you bring your wisdom and you share your knowledge and then you'll have a time when you're the sponge and you're just soaking up the information from others. And that's okay! That's what keeps it going, keeps it exciting and fun.

It's all about balance, not about perfection, or being at the exact same place on the path with the others in your group. So head out there. Find your folks that are going to join you on your journey and help you along the way. If you need some help give me a shout.

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