Welcome to the inaugural Kimberlite blog post. I have written a few things over the years while coaching and managing the community for ACP (The Alliance of Comprehensive Planners, Inc.), but today begins my blogging journey as Kimberlite Coaching and Community Strategies. That’s a pretty weird name for a blog

I won’t bore you with too much replication of the website, but I want you to know what to expect from my posts. First, why “The View from the Treadmill”? It’s a pretty weird name for a blog – and frankly given that I live in Colorado, with 300+ sunny days a year, it is pretty lame. Why not “View from Pikes Peak” or “View from the slopes”? Ah, but this is not a blog about the outdoors. Sorry folks – it’s time for us to get to work. My blog will help you build your business or learn more about developing a vibrant online community. And to be honest, I am not outdoorsy enough to support a real outdoor-oriented blog. But I do work on a treadmill in my home office. I began about a year ago and I am sold. More to come on that topic!



This is about you

Here I will share my observations and gather information to guide you as you make small and big changes to benefit your business. You’ll get a view into my life and a real feel for my personality and coaching style. I would be lying if I said I didn’t want some of you to schedule an appointment,  give me a call or shoot me an email to discuss coaching. But I also love to write and share my quirky vision of the world. I have been coaching long enough to realize folks need reminders – even about topics that have already been covered elsewhere. It helps to get tips and advice from someone who is not mired in your day-to-day challenges. I would also by lying if I said I had never had a forehead slapping moment when reading a blog that points out the obvious. But that’s just it. I had to read that blog or article to get to the point where I slapped my forehead and said “Why didn't I think of that?” or “Oh yeah, I had forgotten that!”. I want you to come here to learn new things and to get the reminders you need, forehead slapping is optional.

But I am living it too

These days, as I launch my own coaching firm, I am experiencing once again all the challenges that I have been coaching folks about, but not living through, for the past few years. There has been a comfort in having coaching clients delivered to me on a silver platter by an association of fee-only financial planners, but there is joy in now being able to define the parameters of coaching relationships based entirely on what the client needs and what I can best provide. I have been laughing at myself as I do what I have nagged clients about for years. I am getting out of the office, but I am also hiding behind my computer at times – working to perfect processes and documents before I get moving. I reached out immediately and got an accountability coach, because even a coach needs some objectivity from an external source.

I am excited to face new challenges in community management after several years of managing the ridiculously engaged ACPConnect. It’s been fun seeing how vibrant that community is, but I am so excited to be able to work with other associations to create a collegial, collaborative environment in which their members can thrive.

In coming months we’ll discuss marketing challenges, office management and outsourcing ideas, engagement challenges, communication style and whatever else strikes my fancy. It will never be completely serious, so hopefully you will laugh as you find opportunities to improve. I welcome your feedback and ideas. Together we’ll grow and laugh and learn.