How many times have you heard a clients say "I'm retired now, shouldn't my fees go down since life is simpler?" For THEM maybe, but you've got work to do! That retirement paycheck isn't just going to create itself. Let's talk about how you show that value to your newly retired client. 


Have you ever had a client heading into retirement and they start to give you pushback on your fees? If you’re pricing with a retainer model, this can be especially frustrating. It’s the old ”I’m not working anymore, so it’s not as much work and I should pay you less” story.

Ehh, not exactly.

Folks will think that it’s less work, but really, often times, it’s more. You may be overcoming years of saving habits and actually trying to help your clients give themselves permission to spend that money. You’ll be determining which accounts they pay themselves from, you may be dealing with long-term care and health issues, or preparing them to transition money to their children or doing their planned giving. It’s a lot to cover. So the work does not necessarily go away, and therefore don’t let them convince you that the fee should go away.

You need to to do a presentation style appointment, much like you did when your client first signed. As you near that retirement transition, start painting the picture of what you’re going to be covering, what you’re going to be doing for them, and showing them what an asset you’re going to be even in this new phase of their life. They’re going to be excited, but they’re also going to be scared, so make sure you’re showing them that you’re there, holding their hand, as they take that big leap into that next stage of life.