Everyone can benefit from a mentor and from being a mentor. No matter your age or career stage I encourage you to connect with others in the industry.


Whether you’re brand new to the financial planning industry or you’re an old hand, I encourage you to get involved in a mentoring relationship. There’s value in it no matter where you are on your career path.

As a newcomer, you want to grab every opportunity you can to connect with colleagues that are further along the path than you. I know, I encourage you to get a coach, so telling you to turn around and get a mentor may seem superfluous, but they fulfill different roles. A mentor will commiserate with you, share their cautionary tales with you, and really show you the ropes. Look around you, at the colleagues you admire and don’t be afraid to reach out for that mentoring relationship.

If you’re well established in your career I encourage you to reach out the younger generation of planners. You’ll benefit the industry as you share your wisdom and you’ll also learn a bit. The younger generation can teach you about new approaches, make you think about things a little differently, and help you when you get in a rut.

No matter where you are in your planning career, mentoring is a clear situation where you are going to get more than you give.