No matter where you live your business needs to be prepared for the worst. Take time now to ensure minimal disruption if disaster strikes.


Summer is when my mind turns to disaster preparation. For me, it’s forest fires that loom. Happily, this year we have a lot of moisture, but every year I get a little bit nervous. For you, it may be other seasons that bring disaster to mind, tornadoes or hurricanes. But either way it’s important to plan ahead because you don’t know when disaster will strike. I know this is a real Debbie-downer topic for the day but trust me, you’re going to be so glad if you take a little bit of time to prepare.

Start with creating a recovery plan. It’s going to evolve over time and that’s ok, it’ll also get easier and easier over time because you’ll store some of the information and hopefully you’ll store a lot of it in the cloud. Think of a variety of circumstances so you can plan for them. Everything from the spilled coffee on the laptop keyboard to the entire neighborhood burned to the ground. And be realistic. You will be shocked at how little you care about work when the time comes. For me, I had 45 minutes, two cats, two kids, and 30 years worth of photographs and memories to pack up. I didn’t make any room for work materials. All that, I could buy on Amazon later.

Have a stored list of all the normal supplies you keep around the office to make it easy for you to reorder. Make sure you store all of your passwords somewhere on the cloud. And I don’t mean in a Word doc. I mean Lastpass or some other password tool.

So you’ve made your plan, you’ve got things stored, think about where you’re going to set up shop if disaster strikes, then when you’ve got your plan in place, test it. Go to the coffee shop, go to the library and pretend to set-up shop for the day. I guarantee you you are going to find gaps and you will be very surprised at the things you’ve missed in your plan. But that’s ok. Because that’s why we're testing it.

I know this has been really a downer of a topic for the day and I apologize, but i want you to trust me, that this may not be the most exciting day of your life to spend working on your disaster recovery plan but you’ll be very, very happy you did should disaster ever strike.