There is validity to the old adage Hire Slow, Fire Fast, but today we talk not about hire slow, but hire EARLY and Fire, well, at a reasonable pace… listen up for what I mean. 


Have you ever heard the phrase, hire slow but fire fast? I have, and while I find some validity in it, I really take exception to portions of it.

So, hire slow. This doesn’t mean you have to take forever, and it definitely doesn’t mean you have to be jerk to your applicants. Everyone has lives they need to lead. What it really means is be prepared. Do your homework before you even start the hiring process. So, perhaps instead of hiring slow, you should be thinking hire early.

I know that sounds crazy but from day one, think about what you need to have in place to hire. As you’re working on your processes, record them, have them in place, so that they’re ready for easy onboarding situations. It’s also going to help you point out to yourself what you need when you’re hiring. What are you actually hiring for? Not just a nebulous “Oh my God, I’m so busy I’m losing my mind, I better hire someone!”  I want you knowing from the very beginning, this is where I’m going to get busy and this is what I can easy offload. When you hire early, then the two of you can work to perfect those processes and really dig into how the two you can work together more efficiently. And hopefully, that’s going to reduce the odds of the whole firing part of this phrase.

Fire fast. You know that’s the part I hate. I love me some millennials, so I cannot buy into fire fast. Because I spend so much of my life talking about team building and communication and working together to jump on board with this part of the phrase. Make sure that you have taken the steps to address communication issues, to deal with problems as they arise because they will. They’ll arise, but that doesn’t mean that they’re the end. Work on them, be prepared before you hire, and then eventually, unfortunately, times may come up when you do have to fire, but at least you’ll know that you did your very, very best to eliminate the possibility.