When there's a line at dry cleaners, you don't stew. You rethink and plan ahead for next time you visit. The same tactic should be applied to your business. Deep breath. Review, reimagine how you'll do it next time.


We all know that we should learn from our mistakes. Don’t wash those brand new red clothes with your whites or everything ends up pink, right? How about we take that one step further and not just learn from our own mistakes, but learn from the negative things that just sort of happen from circumstance. Pay special attention in circumstances where you’re uncomfortable. Think about it so that the next time you can learn and be less uncomfortable. Think more intentionally about what's going to happen. Focus on learning in situations where you’re uncomfortable so that you can be less uncomfortable the next time you’re in that situation. It also will help you develop empathy for others that are in the same spot that you’re in.

Once, we visited a small church in tiny little town. It was very clear that we were visitors and yet not one person said hello to us. There was plenty of greeting going on amongst the members, but not to us. Ever since then I’ve made it my mission to greet visitors so that no one is ever in that position again as long as I’m around.

At a local networking breakfast, I was utterly rebuffed by a man who was there just to get CE and no networking, thank you very much. A message he drove home by ignoring my greeting, sitting down and reading a paper until breakfasts began. I didn’t seethe...much. But Ii did vow to make sure no one ever felt the way I felt that morning. And that’s the secret. Don’t seethe. Don’t stew in the negative. Take a deep breath, think about the situation, and imagine how you would rewrite the script if it were to happen again.