The solo entrepreneur struggle is that your business doesn't run if you don't. How can we balance self-care with the urgency of running a business?


How many of you struggle getting sick when you’re a solo entrepreneur? Do you even let yourself get sick? You owe it to your business and clients to take care of yourself and giving yourself the time to get well. No one else but you has the power to do this.

You’ve heard me urge you to have disaster recovery plans and contingency plans, but do you have a plan for a good, old-fashioned sick day? Take a look around and make a plan so that you can quickly and easily cancel a day’s worth of appointments. Either you or hopefully your assistant can take care of this for you.

Being a solo or small-team entrepreneur puts a lot of pressure on you. As the boss, you need to make sure your team, and that includes you, take the time to get better so you are in fighting shape as soon as possible.